Execute content, document and OCR workflow tasks from a single API call.

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No matter what language you use, you can implement Filestack in your application in seconds.









How it works

Streamline all your content tasks in a simple to use UI. The end result is a cleaner, easy to manage process for preparing your content workflows.

Ed Tech

With Workflows, Ed Tech companies can focus on the student-teacher interaction while Filestack takes care of the files.

See how easy it can be to create a document workflow and scan every assignment for a virus, quarantine it until it can be reviewed and alert the sender of the issue so no assignment is late.

Tax preparation companies can streamline a document workflow with an easy way to organize and collect data from tax documents. OCR from Filestack allows you to focus on managing client’s expenses while we extract relevant tax information with ease so you never worry about data entry accuracy again.


Accountant uploads a users documents (Word doc, pdf, image, etc.)

Tax Preparers

Exclude explicit content from you dating site or app.

Workflows simplifies the process by scanning every image on upload and automatically screening for concerning elements. If nudity or violence, blur. If clean, transform and deliver. Simply chain together tasks in our simple UI and the work is done..

Dating App

Powerful Flexibility 

Workflows is as powerful as it is efficient. Because it all works through a simple to use UI you can adjust or duplicate your workflow with little development work involved.

Low-Code Platform

We've coded in all the logic so you don't have to.

Elegantly simple to use

Our easy to use logic blocks let you use if/then statements to moderate content to fit your need.

Changes applied automatically

Any changes made in the UI are live the minute you hit save.

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Getting started is fast, free, and easy. Create your workflow using an easy to use UI. Then execute the workflow using a single API call.

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