Stop malicious programs with Filestack virus detection

Whether filtering out NSFW content or quarantining threatening programs, virus detection is crucial in protecting the integrity of your data systems. 


Need the ability to detect viruses in your documents? See how easy it can be to scan every document that passes into your system and upon upload through Filestack, determine if they are virus-free.



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Scan any document upon upload for possible malicious programs. Protect the integrity of your computer systems and determine if your photo, video or audio files are virus-free before delivering them into your app.

What happens when a virus is detected? Quarantine any threats and simply delete the file if a virus is found.

Integrate virus detection into your app via Filestack Workflows. Use workflows to scan and automatically detect malicious programs or potentially threatening viruses, send them into quarantine and notify users. 

Ready to protect your app and data systems? Let Filestack show you how simple adding virus detection can be.

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