Optical Character Recognition

OCR from Filestack improves the accuracy of data entry.  Automatically extract text from images and documents with a simple API.

Learn how OCR can change the way you do business. 

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OCR for W2s

Organizing and collecting the information from tax documents can be a hassle. OCR from Filestack allows you to extract the relevant tax information with ease and never worry about accuracy again.

Organizing receipts for business can be a pain.  OCR from Filestack, simplifies the task so you can stay organized, no matter the type of receipt.

OCR for Receipts

OCR for Credit Cards

 Scan credit cards and retrieve the information with ease. No matter the industry, if you deal with credit cards, OCR will save you the hassle. 

OCR for Invoices

Scan invoices and other forms to automatically extract the information you need. 

OCR for Documents

No matter the content of the document, automatically identify the content then scan and extract information based on your business need.

OCR for IDs

Driver Licenses vary from state to state, but with OCR from Filestack, you can automatically scan to locate just the information you need from any ID.

See how OCR and Filestack can help you change your business.


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