Store Files with Filestack or Your Preferred Cloud Storage Service

Store files with Filestack or upload files to Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Dropbox, Rackspace, or Google Cloud Storage.

  • Filestack Storage Icon

    Filestack Storage

    Easily host your files in Filestack’s dedicated S3 bucket.

    Configure Filestack Storage
  • Amazon S3 Icon

    Amazon S3

    Integrate your S3 bucket to upload & store all files directly into your S3.

    Configure Amazon S3
  • Microsoft Azure Icon

    Microsoft Azure

    Integrate your Microsoft Azure storage to upload and store files.

    Configure Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Storage Icon

    Google Cloud Storage

    Integrate Google Cloud storage to upload and store your files.

    Configure Google Cloud Storage
  • Dropbox Icon


    Integrate Dropbox storage to upload and store your files.

    Configure Dropbox
  • Rackspace Icon


    Integrate Rackspace storage to upload and store your files.

The Best Way to Upload Files To Cloud Storage

Upload and Store Your Files with Ease and Simplicity.

  • Store All File types & Sizes Icon

    Store All File types & Sizes

    Upload all filetypes for Images, Documents, Audio/Video in any size.

  • Regional Storage for Speed Icon

    Regional Storage for Speed

    Filestack’s CIN provides POPs. Making files instantly accessible even before they reach their final storage destination.

  • Store Direct to S3 Icon

    Store Direct to S3

    Store directly to your S3 without passing through any of our Infrastructure. Ensuring privacy & speed for your users.

  • Backup Storage Icon

    Backup Storage

    Configure a backup storage solution in another S3 region or another storage provider.

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    Privacy & Security

    We use policies & signatures to ensure your uploads are secure to honor data isolation and confidentiality. We're also EU/US Privacy Shield Certified.